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Your Little League World Series Pin Trading HQ

LLWS Pin Trading Action is fast & furious at The Genetti Hotel!

Genetti’s Williamsport hotel location makes us a great place to stay while you enjoy the Little League World Series and related festivities, as well as other great Williamsport attractions. Visit The Official Little League World Series Website for More Information on this event.

At the Little League World Series, pin trading comes in second only to the actual ballgames! When there are no games to watch, fans and players head to the pin trading areas, like the DPH Pin Room at The Genetti Hotel to trade pins they’ve collected during the season.

What Is Little League Pin Trading?

Pin trading has been an important part of the Little League World Series experience for many years. Fans staying at The Genetti Hotel receive a complimentary LLWS Genetti Hotel pin when they check-in (for many, this may be their FIRST pin). Aspiring collectors can buy their first few pins to start a collection that they then grow by exchanging pins, not money, with other collectors.

The custom trading pins themselves can have almost any type of design imaginable, like the commemorative Genetti Hotel pins. Common designs include a baseball or baseball field, the name of the team, the league or age division the team plays in, or the names/numbers of the players, but the pins are not limited to only those designs. Throughout the season, teams design their own custom trading pins. Teams usually order pins for the players to keep and then plenty extra to trade at games or trading events. People might want to collect a pin because it belonged to a star player or championship team, or simply because the pin looks cool. That’s all part of the fun of pin trading.

Where do people trade Little League pins?

The most common place for trading Little League pins is held every year in August in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. There is a large trading tent which is normally filled with people during the time the baseball games are being held. When the baseball games are over most people go to the trading DPH Custom Pin room at The Genetti Hotel (Garden and Terrace Rooms). Here you will find everyone from the occasional pin trader to the hard core trader.

Your Williamsport Little League World Series Place to Stay

Genetti’s Williamsport hotel location makes us a great place to stay while you enjoy the Little League World Series and related festivities (like pin trading), as well as other great Williamsport attractions. Genetti Hotel & Conference Center is more than a place to rest your head between all the Little League World Series-related goings-on; we’re also very much more. Check out our hotel and room amenities, and you’ll understand why we are , "The Legendary Genetti Hotel & Suites".

Genetti guests are talking . . .

The Genetti is an old beautiful and well kept hotel. We love the charm and the modern amenities, they are a great mix at the hotel. We host a Pin Trading Room every year at the Genetti Hotel. The staff is always excellent and very helpful. It is like going to see old friends every year not a hotel stay! I was there in April for a meeting and the staff was as helpful and accommodating as when we are there for the LLWS. Read More Comments